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#Finnick Odair is that like that one character in every anime who always appears with sparkles round his face #and who flirts with all the blushing girls and makes them go ‘eeehhhhh!’ #and you think he’s just a sexy comic relief character #until suddenly one episode it’s like BAM BACKSTORY #and it turns out he was forced to murder for entertainment #and his family was killed horribly #and he can never be with the woman he loves #and he’s being forced to have sex with half the Capitol #and that’s why he acts all provocative all the time #and suddenly the sparkles are gone and you stare at this character with tears streaming down your face #and you whisper ‘Finnick-sama’ as the wind tosses the tendrils of your hair.

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"Bolin’s the only family I have left. If anything happened to him…"

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some happy kainoras because that last episode wreCKED me o(-<

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Sketches (by Glen Keane) and final animation

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is it awk that i find a cartoon attractive 

oh wait I’m on tumblr

I just spent the last seven minutes watching this gif.

Time. Well. Spent.

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someone please edit this part so hes a fast food server and hes handing u a tray of fries”your total is tHREEEEEEEE NINETY FIVE”. via nyenuma

did it and now im done

"sorry for the delay on your burger!"


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Always a classic

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